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West Hyper Tombstones specialize in manufacturing, supply and erection of tombstones, gravestones, memorials, and granite tops from our branches throughout Gauteng , South Africa. We offer a wide range of tombstone designs customized to your exact specifications. Please browse through our products section to view our wide range of tombstones or contact us to talk to one of our representatives. View our range of tombstones here or contact us right now.

At West we believe in providing quality products made from the best, fist grade materials. We pride ourselves in our ability to manufacture and deliver professional, quality made tombstones in record time and, with 33 years experience, our products set the benchmark in tombstone design.

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West offers a range of tombstones for you to choose from. Have a look at our large selection of single and double tombstones as well as our weekend stones and memorials.

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View some more of our best tombstones in our tombstone picture gallery.

Together with tombstone manufacturing, West Tomsbtones provide a range of services including re-erection, restoration and weekend stones. See our services section for more information.

View our tombstones here Click here to contact us View our tombstones here View our services here CONTACT US  By phone: 0114201994 \ 5 \ 6 By email: Or fill in a form here ABOUT US  West Hyper Tombstones is the largest  tombstone manufacturing company in  Gauteng, South Africa. Our factory in  Brakpan has been manufacturing granite  products for more than 25 years… Read more NEWS  Stay in touch with the latest developments  at West Hyper Tombstones and read the  latest news from the factory floor…  Read more WHAT IS GRANITE?  Granite is a hard igneus stone that is  formed over millions of years by  volcanic activity… Read more Top
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