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We have moved!!!

We have moved!!! Yes, on the 1 August 2013 we moved our factory to 37 Liverpool Road, Benoni.

The new factory is more central and functional and moves us towards the centre of our area of operation.

To relocate the factory was a huge undertaking. We had to dismantle and re-erect every machine, the water reticulation plant, the sand blasting unit and set up the offices for administration purposes. The entire process has taken 3 weeks and under the supervision of our of our Technical Director

Leon Henning, the mammoth task is now finally complete and we have recommenced producing the top quality  tombstones for which we are  renowned.

New Memorial Stones by West

West has recently completed two spectacular memorial stones which represents a challenge in the manufacturing process due to the size and intricate designs.

Both stones were completed in record time and epitomizes the superior quality that our factory produces. The one stone was erected in Westpark Cemetery and the other at Fourways Cemetery.

The memorial erected at Fourways is a family estate and is possibly the biggest memorial in any cemetery in the country.

For pictures of the stone and erection process, click here.

We also announce that we have just completed the memorial for the much-loved and respected assistant coach of Bafana Bafana.

This memorial was manufactured in three days on very short notice. And once again is evidence of the superior quality and dedication required to be among the top tombstone manufacturing companies in South Africa

Now supplying granite tops!

West Hyper Tombstones now offer a wide range of granite tops. We supply our clients with custom granite tops for various applications, and we’ll cover a few of those below. Have a look at our granite tops product page for more info.

Granite kitchen tops are by far the best choice when you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen due to a number of factors. Not only do they appear luxurious, granite tops are durable, are available in a range of colours, textures and designs, while still being affordable.

Not only a great choice for kitchen renovations, granite tops are also the best option for use in large building projects. A granite surface will last for generations, offering thee best life-cycle cost compared to any other material. Properties fitted with granite tops will appear more upmarket and will not only be easier to rent or sell, they will be worth more simply due to this small detail. For anyone hoping to buy an investment property to let out, a kitchen fitted with granite tops are essential due to their resistance to abuse a rental property faces.

They’re also a great choice for bathroom vanities, bar counters, outdoor entertainment areas and will even look good in the office. Many companies choose granite tops for their boardroom tables and executive desks.

Whatever your intended use or the scale of your project, West Hyper Tombstones is your best choice for granite tops in Gauteng. Our years of experience working with granite has made us the leaders in granite design and quality. Please feel free to contact us should you wish to enquire about our products or if you need a quote.

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