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Granite slabs are cut on site in different sizes to accommodate our large  variety of tombstones. The cut granite parts are shaped by our highly qualified masons. We use state of the art hydrolic and pneumatic polish equipment to  polish the slabs to a mirror like finish. The lettering is done by hand a computerized vinyl cutting We provide top of the range photos and artwork from our laser  engraving department. CONTACT US  By phone: 0114201994 \ 5 \ 6 By email: info@westtombstone.co.za Or fill in a form here ABOUT US  West Hyper Tombstones is the largest  tombstone manufacturing company in  Gauteng, South Africa. Our factory in  Brakpan has been manufacturing granite  products for more than 25 years… Read more NEWS  Stay in touch with the latest developments  at West Hyper Tombstones and read the  latest news from the factory floor…  Read more WHAT IS GRANITE?  Granite is a hard igneus stone that is  formed over millions of years by  volcanic activity… Read more Top