West Hyper Tombstones offer a wide range of tombstones, custom designed to your requirements. We provide professionally crafted tombstones that are produced from quality granite and with years of experience, West Hyper Tombstones is unmatched in the industry.

At West we realize that purchasing a tombstone can be difficult which is why we make sure that every tombstone we deliver is of the highest standards, crafted from the best materials and produced with our cutting edge equipment to deliver a monument that will last for generations. You can rest assured that a tombstone manufactured by West Hyper Tombstones has been produced with care and attention to detail. We offer a range of tombstones including single, double and baby tombstones.

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Our Range of Tombstones Single Tombstones
Double Tombstones
Baby Tombstones
CONTACT US  By phone: 0114201994 \ 5 \ 6 By email: Or fill in a form hereABOUT US  West Hyper Tombstones is the largest  tombstone manufacturing company in  Gauteng, South Africa. Our factory in  Brakpan has been manufacturing granite  products for more than 25 years… Read moreNEWS  Stay in touch with the latest developments  at West Hyper Tombstones and read the  latest news from the factory floor…  Read moreWHAT IS GRANITE?  Granite is a hard igneus stone that is  formed over millions of years by  volcanic activity… Read moreTop
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